In order for us to perform an audit of your system, you would have to grant us access to your (primary) production environment and log facilities. You could share username and password with us, but is generally safer to use SSH. You should ask your developer or hosting partner:

  1. Set up your firewall to allow IP (our secure gateway) 
  2. Add our SSH public key to your webserver account (see below) and ensure correct permissions (chmod 700 ~/.ssh, chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys)
  3. Send us the server, user name and port to connect (SSH).

The use of SSH is by far the most secure method to grant access. It does not require sending over passwords over insecure channels, so nothing can be intercepted. All major hosting providers support SSH. Our SSH key is (single line, to be added to $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys). 

ssh-rsa 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 sansec